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Some Hemp Facts from H.E.M.P. and Other Sources...

1.Consumption of marijuana is relatively harmless compared to the so-called
hard drugs and including tobacco and alcohol;

2.There exists no hard evidence demonstrating any irreversible organic or
mental damage from the consumption of marijuana;

3.That cannabis does cause alteration of mental functions and as such, it would
not be prudent to drive a car while intoxicated; .

4.There is no hard evidence that cannabis consumption induces psychoses;

5.Cannabis is not an addictive substance;

6.Marijuana is not criminogenic in that there is no evidence of a causal
relationship between cannabis use and criminality;

7.That the consumption of marijuana probably does not lead to "hard drug" use
for the vast majority of marijuana consumers, although there appears to be a
statistical relationship between the use of marijuana and a variety of other
psychoactive drugs;

8.Marijuana does not make people more aggressive or violent;

9.There have been no recorded deaths from the consumption of marijuana;

10.There is no evidence that marijuana causes amotivational syndrome; .

11.Less than 1% of marijuana consumers are daily users;

12.Consumption in so-called "de-criminalized states" does not increase out of
proportion to states where there is no de-criminalization.

13.Health related costs of cannabis use are negligible when compared to the
costs attributable to tobacco and alcohol consumption.

Quantum A.B.C (Australia)

3,000 deaths annually in Australia from alchohol
marijuana none
Nicotine (tobacco)19,000-20,000 Australians die each year........marijuana none

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