G'DAY FROM DOWN-UNDER I'm into stuff like; Permaculture, fun stuff, and legalizing the most usefull plant know to humans (cannabis has 50,000 uses)Of course I'm not encouraging to break any laws, but, to fight to change these UNJUST LAWS. But I'm not just about smoking dope. I want to help save the Earth, Gaia, our Mother , make our world a fairer, better place for my daughter, GENNY to grow up in, in peace and harmony with Gaia and all her creatures big and small .I believe in Freedom. Freedom to smoke my herb, Freedom to think, Freedom to do what I know in my heart is right Freedom to shout at the greedy ones ,the powerful and power hungry ones....STOP FUCKING UP THE PLANET IT'S MINE TOO !!!

But I am but a grain of sand ,and alone amount to little ,but, come, join me and we shall become a mountain, a mountain of love peace happiness, and of being one with Gaia, the Earth, our Mother.

So be at peace. Care for Gaia and her people and all her creatures. Fight the wrongs. Grow your own , eat your own , smoke your own , and be your own FREE THE HERB !!!!!!