Rainforest in Snow and Fire
let me tell you about Paradise and Hell
,of the future i saw, the present and even into the far distant past when the aboriginal poeple walked gently first upon where i now trod.
Of tree ferns towering above me of sassafras and lilly-pilly draped with vines looking a little like giant children under sheets playing ghosts.
Let me tell you also of the fate that lays ahead for these freindly, gentle, giants.

But first let me tell you about my "long weekend" (was 8 days actually) in the bush
The alarm squarked out its horrid noise at 4:30 am Saturday I ate and had a little smoke till my ride arrived.
Soon the city disappeared behind us and we were on our way. Thanks, Trevor and Elizabeth for lift and being great traveling companions :-) .We arrived in very good time, and in no time had ourselves organised .
Later that afternoon a group of us went to a place aptly named "Fairyland ".
Walked through a paddock till we got to a stream
After a pretty dodgey log crossing we came upon Fairyland. Moss covered logs, giant treeferns often covered in epiphytic plants .Around every turn you half expected to see a fairy or elf or nymph hiding beneath the foliage.

I wandered away from the group , and was leaning against the trunk of a tree soaking in the magic atmossphere
when Chelsea said in an exited voice "look theres a gnome "......"oh .. it's only Dave " ha ha ha !!!

Then it was back to camp to cook and talk around the fire, till our spotlighting guide Kevin Thiele arrived
i didnt go i needed a rest , as I was like an exited child, and hadn't slept very much at all the nights before
I met many people from my previous trip, like Adrian who entertained us again with songs and guitar and many others i cant remeber at the moment as my mind is still in the bush at the Blockade ( coming real soon )

.............MORE COMING TOMORROW.......

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